40 Year Reunion


Hi From Robert Hanrahan  Class reunion will start at Maggies (1186 Western ave. across from UAlbany) on Saturday Sept 17th at 7:30pm .  Then next day Sept. 18th Picnic starts at 11:30 am large Pavillion in Tawasentha Park in Guilderland.  Go to www.guilderland71.com are official web site and send me an email at henna_nbmc@yahoo.com (email address has an underscore (_ )between the henna and nbmc to get on my email list for continued updates on future reunions.  

Reunion will be no cost .  Pay your own bar tab.  The place does have a small dance floor so it is possible to dance after we get everyone in a happy mood.  The place also has a back room that I put a deposit on which will be exclusive to us.  Nice outside veranda also.  We will have fun.  Prizes will be awarded like last time. 

Tawasentha picnic on Sunday will be a bring your own event.  I reserved the large pavillion in the park so good rain or shine.   Bring your own food and hopefully little side  extra dish that we can share.  Bring your own liquid beverages.  Probably have a keg there also.  Bring your family if you want.  Playground for your grandchildren (and in my case children) close by.  Bring your spouse, significant other,  grandparents etc. whoever you want to bring.  

PS  Help us find your other classmates to check into this site.  If you look at the classmates list and see classmates that have not logged in please track them down for us and then bug them to join the website.  We would like to have a good turnout and this is the only way for everyone to help to track down fellow classmates.  Do your part,  it makes it easier on all of us and you might win an award for tracking down the most classmates (it could be a new car or it might not be a new car).






Directions: Couple of blocks East and across the street from the UAlbany Entrance on Western Ave,