50 Year Reunion

SAVE THE DATE for 50-Year High School Reunion

July 23-25, 2021

Hello from the reunion planning committee! 

We have started planning our 50-year high school reunion.  Here's what we've roughly planned so far for the weekend of July 23, 2021:

  • Friday night, July 23 - informal gathering at The Nines, Western Turnpike Golf Club
  • Saturday night, July 24 - cocktails and hors d'oeuvres party at Orchard Creek Golf Club in Altamont (we have a confirmed reservation for this venue) 
  • Sunday picnic, July 25
  • Other ideas in brainstorming phase

Stay tuned for more details.  We are open to suggestions! 

In the meantime, please update your email address, other contact information, and profile details on this site. Encourage classmates who have not yet signed up on this site to enter their information.  It would be great to see lots of you in 2021.

Here's a "Zoom" toast to our classmates from the Reunion Planning Committee! May 2020

Vicki Meade, Hilary Moxey, Aino Parlo, Cheryl Randall, Bill Travis, Emma Safford VanAlstyne, Bill Cain


Below is a message sent earlier this year from our past Committee Chair, who did a great job planning our last few reunions. 


Hi, From Robert Hanrahan

We had a great time at our past reunions - at Maggie's bar, Zwicklebauers, etc. --  Everyone was engaged and chatting it up. Remember the contest where we wore something from our high school days? The girl's gym uniform that still fit was a grand prize winner   My stolen basketball uniform was a close second. The second day-after party at my house was classic also.   

Please start tracking people down and email them a link to this website, so they can sign up.  It is free to join, and Rod Schinnerer has been paying for the website for the past decade and beyond. Thanks, Rod! 

Keep your email address current on this site. Reach out to your friends from the old days, to their sisters and brothers ... and have them supply their email address and a phone number. Contact classmates you know on Facebook and direct them to this website. 

I am still busy with my two 12 year old twin girls and motorcycling around the country and hopefully the world.  That leaves me little time to stay married, raise kids, and do a reunion... but I look forward to attending. We are getting older and don’t know how many more of these events we'll be able to have!