50 year reunion

Hi, From Robert Hanrahan

Reunion will probably be Columbus Day weekend in 2021. However we are open to ideas for this we would like to keep it simple with it being just a great gathering like the one we had at Maggie’s bar.   Everyone was engaged and chatting it up and it was a good time.  However the really fun one was the time  at Zwillklebackers? Where we wore something from our high school days in a contest.  The girls gym uniform that still fit was a grand prize winner   My stolen basketball uniform was a close second..   The second day after party at my house was classic also  

I would like to see all of you start tracking people down for me on this site.  Meaning look for your fellow classmates that you know and email them with a link to the site   It is free to join and Rod Schinnerer has been paying for the funding of this for the past decade and beyond   Luckily he is still working. 


So your job is to track people down and get current email addresses so we can have a good list   Then we can actually come up with some great ideas for the reunion besides the get together.

I am still busy with my two 12 year old twin girls and motorcycling around the country and hopefully the world.  That leaves me little time to stay married,raise kids, and do a reunion   What’s your excuse   So get those contacts going  Reach out to your friends from the old days to their sisters and brothers, kids,and parents if they are still alive  Get an email address and a good phone number.  Nothing will be sent in the mail.  Everyone has access to email.  Keep your email current on this site.  That way there won’t be the costs associated with the postal service.  For you Facebook members (I am not a member)  friend all of your classmates  that you know and direct them to this site and get their email address current here.   Have I made my point.  

I am open to turning the reins over to anyone who wants to do this, it doesn’t have to be me.  A committee isn’t a bad idea.  I don’t have to be the boss of this.  


Just let’s enjoy this reunion, we are getting older and don’t know how many more most of us will be able to make  











I tried to track people down for one of these before Andy it is extremely difficult and