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George Slifer

George Slifer

Deceased Classmate: George Slifer
Date Of Birth: 1953
Date Deceased: may-1972
Age at Death: 19
Cause of Death: Drown in Florida riptide
Classmate City: Altamont
Classmate State: 
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Robert Slifer-brother

George died less than a year out of high school. In the spring on 1972, he and three friends headed down to Florida for fun, sun and a job. The day they arrived, George and his buddies went straight to the beach and jumped in the ocean. He was swept out in a riptide and his body was found two days later washed back up on the beach. George would have made a mark on this planet, had he but been given the chance. He was a fun loving, care free, full of life character. He was also my friend. 

Dan Bertrand

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07/18/11 12:49 PM #1    

Dorothy Dean (Mintline)

I remember that there were many in the neighborhood who asked George not to go. Dan, I believe you were one of them. It seemed nobody had a good feeling about this trip before George went. Sadly, the tragedy was multiplied by the fact that his older sister, Mary, had passed at about the same age of undetected hepititis, just a few years before this happened.

07/18/11 04:04 PM #2    

John Green

Dan - I remember hearing about this when this happened - did not know George well excpt in passing... seemed like a carefree spirit.. John

09/06/11 08:10 PM #3    

Gail Roemer (Fiato)



I will never forget George.  I still have the obituary.  Every once in a while I will look somewhere   and I see it.  It just turns up. Back in school one year,  he and Dan would tease me and tell me the "The frost is on the pumpkin".  every morning, I didn't know what they were telling me but it sure made me giggle.

Gail Roemer Fiato



08/28/20 06:54 PM #4    

Gary D Taber

George was a friend of mine growing up.  He was full of life, adventurous and funny. He died way too young.

08/29/20 01:25 PM #5    

Mike Shover

George, Don Schuff, and myself had a few beers at the bar/bowling alley (can't remember the name of the place on Western Ave across from theTurnpike Drivein) the night before he left for FL. He was so excited to be going. 

Great guy, fun, and fun loving. I was so sad when I heard of his passing a few days later.

09/01/20 09:28 PM #6    

Gail Roemer (Fiato)

Mike, that was Westlawn Bowling Alley. Unfortunately no longer in business

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